How are the artworks unique?

Each artwork is generated by an algorithm. But instead of mass producing each work, we’ll only ever print one generated work once. So while there may be multiple instances of one algorithm (also called a series), the one you’ll buy is unique.

What utilities are you using?

We are using an Axidraw V3/A3 pen plotter in combination with a rOtring rapidograph in different sizes.

What about shipping?

Shipping is handeld by DHL. Find out more details on our shipping page.

What about the quality?

We use high-quality A3 paper and print with rOtring ink. The artworks are not immune to decay, but can be preserved pretty well with the right frame.

Does it have a signature?

A signature is always optional, but can be added, if you wish, on artworks that have enough space.

Which size does the paper have?

The paper is A3.

Are the artworks framed?

By default the artworks are not framed. There are just too many frames for us to offer a reasonable choice for every artwork and the right one depends on your taste and not ours.

What about refunds & issues:

If you have any issue write us at contact@elusviedrafts.eu.